Welcome to Soul’s Choice

The Soul’s Choice workshops have emerged from our own struggles to navigate our life paths. They apply a rich spirit-based understanding of the human being in a grounded way that makes every-day life more purposeful.

Our aim

The aim of Soul’s Choice is to support people in fulfilling their potential by finding their path and meeting their destiny, in all they do, small or big.

Good and evil seem to battle away eternally, within our own hearts and across the globe. However, it is possible to look at this eternal battle differently, and by so doing re-energise and mobilise our whole lives.

Souls Choice Workshop

At the Souls Choice workshop we take an uphill path to a view of our soul’s inner life: its thoughts, feelings and actions, to see how they interweave and inform our choices in life.

This allows us to identify our resources, find places where we can get stuck when decision making because of power and security issues, and explore ways of moving forward towards freedom.

Together we explore our soul-life using simple verbal and artistic exercises, and every-day observations to develop greater skill and confidence in taking our unique spiritual resources out into the world.

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